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Supporting One Another

#SistahFriends is our first support group. As a womans nurturing group open to the public. 
Our mission is to bring comradery amongst women to support one another to flourish in love and happiness, while strengthening relationships within communities, business’s, friendships, families and significant others. Devoted relationships amongst all is fundamental to finding stability and health within self!



Saturday, April 21st, 2018  12pm-3pm

Join us for our very first Sistah Friends group. Toddy's & Tea Meet and Greet. Location disclosed with ticket purchase. Pre sale tickets available February 15th.

Who should join?

Dedicated Women 25+ who desire encouragement in a reliable group, on how to find balance and gratification in both their career and relationships to be able to enjoy a loving and fulfilling life.

Why should you join?

Women need a place where we can network to nurture relationships in a way that feels comfortable, where we are not judged by our actions, and a private space that is conducive for us to have intimate discussions that empowers us in a professional setting, by offering peer support.

What to expect out of the group.

We will have themed networking events that consist of coordinated enlightening presentations, workshops and forums. You will receive edification, practices and concrete tools as well as support from community to achieve personal goals and finding balance within life, work and relationships. Maybe, you’re simply looking for a way to connect with other women. Either way this group offers the self-actualization amongst a supportive group of individuals.

We openheartedly are looking forward to connecting with like-minded women who will be an inspiration to one another. We hope to meet you soon!

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